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Possible Duplicate:
Methods for reducing time spent in meetings

In my organization there is a priority project that has a status update meeting every Wednesday, and the only subject is to every area coordinator can say what tasks where done and what tasks are pending to next meeting. The meeting rarely start on time and last for about an hour.

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marked as duplicate by Brian Carlton, Jeanne Boyarsky Aug 18 '11 at 1:52

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I'm going to close this due to it being so similar to the question Brian noted. Maybe you could read that question (and answers) first and then pose a new question that is more specific to your situation. Maybe you tried something that didn't work or the like. – Jeanne Boyarsky Aug 18 '11 at 1:52

There are two separate issues you met here.

The meeting did not start on time, it is not a productivity issue but a discipline. You should set up some rule to warn or punish those who never show up on time.

For the meeting efficiency, everyone should prepare their portion before the meeting. The meeting is just for updating the status not discussing the details. And if some information does not need share to every team member, you can break the team into several small group and each group participate the meeting at the different time. It will make the team members feel that you are saving their time. They will become glad to attend the meeting on time and more efficient.

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