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The story starts this way.....

I must be 13 or so when I started using facebook.As many teens do, I spent(wasted) many hours each day on facebook, twitter etc. But after maybe 1 year, I realized that I am wasting my time and then I stopped(completely and Immediately) using all social networking sites.

All these years in between, I have been avoiding my friends' requests to open a account on facebook, whatsapp, wechat etc etc. But now as holidays have started, every one I call or meet(or they call me) tells me to open a account on xyz site/app.

I know that if I will open an account on facebook, people will want me to be online, and I will keep thinking that I wasted my time. I am happy with what I'm currently doing and really don't want to use all those apps/sites.

So, how do I tell people(friends) that what they are doing(using fb,whatsapp all day long) is waste of time(according to me) and I don't want to use these sites?


How do I avoid such sites?

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What's wrong with just declining the invitation? "No thanks, I'm good". They can still contact you as you say they meet or call you. – Raystafarian Apr 23 '14 at 13:34
It won't cure procrastination if that's what you're looking for. If you avoid social media, you'll just procrastinate somewhere else, like news sites, reddit, cracked, tv tropes, or SE. Very few of us actually spend our weekends on facebook... we just do it when we're supposed to be doing something important. – Muz Apr 23 '14 at 19:35
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Well the obvious answer is just say

(friend) I find using (fb,whatsapp) all day long is waste of time and I don't want to use these sites.

Essentially just be honest and tell it how it is. You don't need to justify yourself further than that and any real friend should respect your wishes. (They'll probably mention it'd be more convenient from time to time but a real friend won't push the issue)

To avoid these apps there are many things you can do

  • Add whatever emails you get from said site to your block/spam lists

  • Explicitly ask your friends to not ask you to join (whatever app/network) you don't want it and they need to respect that

  • Completely block these websites from your computer One way is just add them to reroute to in your hosts file (this is probably going over board, but is an option)

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Have you considered developing a strategy for handling the social networking sites instead of avoiding or abandoning them. The future seems to be buried in applications that fight for our attention. Also it is really hard to control what other people does. In some cases the applications send invitations automatically. You might find following steps helpful if you want to give it a shot.

  1. Limit the number of sites. If I have a friend in X, and the friend also says I use Y, install it, I say, no thanks, let's continue on X.

  2. Turn off (almost) all notifications, and minimize your exposure. I used to get more than 100 notifications a day, now I am down to 10 a day. Around 10 is by choice, I can afford that for now. If not, I might choose to go down to 0. This way I check and spend time when I can, and not when something shows up and steals my attention.

  3. Have a goal before opening the application, and stick to it. If my set goal is "I will check if some new posts are posted in this group", and I see a "look at this cute puppy video" post, I will simply ignore. Exceptions are decided beforehand, if it is under 1 minute, great.

  4. Be picky about what you expose yourself to. For me: Ranting posts? No, thanks. Negative posts about things I cannot do anything about? No, thanks. I put people who posts mainly this kind of posts away (there are several ways to do this, making groups of friends, setting certain flags). "Look at mee", "My life is awesome" type of posts? Only nearest circle. So on so forth. I found out that negative posts make me read more posts in order to compensate the negativity, which becomes an evil circle.

  5. Consider using some computer programs that limit your actions, if temptation is irresistible. There are several of them. That way when you try to open them, you will have to use effort, which makes you stop and think. Also after a certain time they can shut down.

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