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How do you guys keep up with current events without this activity becoming too time-consuming?

I've always subscribed to an RSS stream of a major news agency and filtered important news out of it by hand. However, lately I've grown disappointed with how much fluff gets posted via the stream and hence how much time I waste browsing through it. I don't care one bit if Pistorius took acting lessons, some Korean captain abandoned ship before his passengers or Apple stock rose 2%. But I'd sort of like to know that Russia occupied Crimea, a hurricane flooded New Orleans or Google entered the smartphone market. So, I don't dare eschew news reading altogether.

Basically, I would like to receive only the most important news. And unless it's 1st September 1939 and Germany's invading Poland, I very much doubt there can be more than a couple of important news per week.

Is there an aggregator, a curating service or a weekly news digest perhaps that provides this kind of news reports?

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relevant – Raystafarian Apr 24 '14 at 14:51
@Raystafarian's link is related, but I think not similar enough to be called a duplicate. – Dennis S. May 1 '14 at 13:19

The problem is who makes the decision about what "the most important news" means. You may not care about Apple stock, but someone else will think that is important.

I've had reasonable results with Google News, which lets me apply quite a bit of tuning to what I see. It will take some time to fiddle with the settings to get them to suit you.

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IMHO, there's no escape to that, if you have a preferred source for you news there's no way someone or something will filter them out for you, not until anticipatory computing science—like Google Now—makes a big leap ahead. What I personally do to make things more sustainable:

  1. With Feedly, a web based RSS aggregator, I use a collpsed views and keyboard shortcutsJ for next news in most aggregators, you can easily skip lots of news in few seconds.

  2. I also use Twitter as a source of news, it can become even more cumbersome to manage, but if you leverage on lists, with a quick scroll of the list feed, you may learn if something worth happened during the day, and usually with a good anticipation.

  3. The most obvious action that comes to my mind, would be a change of source for news, with one more aligned to your interests. Twitter offers a great deal of sources, but even with some simple comparative research on Google, I believe you'll find some great RSS alternatives

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