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I have been using Todoist to pretty good effect. I would like to understand my tasklist usage better, especially how much I reschedule things for later. Are there any tasklist managers that keep track of a changelog (like a distributed version control system)? Any that organize this information well?

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I'm not sure but Track Studio doing what you want. It's not a tasklist manager, it's a Issue tracking system but maybe you can use it for controlling your task changes.

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The command-line based software Task Warrior does that. The detail view of a task will include every change made to that task. Completed and deleted tasks will also be logged.

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If you can export as text, you can use a diff program or version control to see what has changed between exports. Not as clean as what you would like, however.

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Why not consider a plain text todo list file and store it on Dropbox or in a version control system? This won't give you a task level change history but will give you a history of changes.

You can read more about the plain text todo list on lifehacker as well as a good number of other alternatives.

Personally, I have never found a need for versioning my task list. It's normally pretty easy to see if I am procrastinating about a task. The other technique I do use is to not put dates on tasks unless they are time critical. If they are time critical then the task ends up on my calendar. This is a GTD technique that I find very useful.

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