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In the past 5 years I started learning programming. I also got into sports for about 13 hours per week. I am only 17 years old therefore I'm still in high school, so I have about 8 hours per day with school and a social life during non-school hours. I also spend quite a bit of time playing computer games.

How can I organize all these activities in a way to achieve maximum productivity?

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Sounds like you need a time tracking app. I am also 17 and used to have a messed up routine before, but then I did some research on time-management. The best and easiest way I found for myself was to download a time management app.

I always have my phone around me, so I went for a time management app on my phone (I am on android and I use aTimeLogger - Time Tracker).If you have android or iPhone try downloading an app for time management(always read rating and comments before downloading).

In the app that I use, I get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data I'm able to control and manage my time.

If you still want more information on productivity tips, I recommend lifehacker's productivity articles for more ideas.

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It helps to prioritize your activities. Sounds like you have 5 main areas to prioritize: school, sports, social life, programming, and video games.

Being 17, you'd be hard pressed to skip out on that so that takes priority number one and consumes the biggest chunk of your day. I assume sports is linked with school and comes right after which is around 2 to 2.5 hours after school is out.

This leaves the last 3 (programming, social life, video games) to prioritize. Out of those 3 which is most important to you? After 8 hours of school and 2.5 hours of sports for the day, you'll be left with around 3 - 4 hours to devote either video games or programming during the week (assuming the weekends are devoted solely to your social life).

If programming takes priority over video games, target spending 2 hours right after your sports to go at it and then the last hour before bed for some video games.

From an organization standpoint, you don't need any fancy apps. If you are looking to accomplish some serious goals in programming or video gaming, it's just as easy to keep a spreadsheet.

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