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I was wondering how many hours I have spent on my project so far.

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Maybe you should ask the authors? Note that this app tries to attach all kinds of measures to what is simply a time management technique to improve efficiency. You could say it's not using the Pomodore technique for what it's intended to do, making those measures pretty meaningless. – Jan Doggen May 1 '14 at 8:23
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I e-mailed the developer and asked. Here are the levels.

Level  Pomodoros  Title 
  1        0      Apprentice
  2        6      Beginner
  3       25      Amateur
  4       62      Trainee
  5      123      Journeyman 
  6      214      Expert  
  7      341      Commander
  8      510      Master
  9      727      Grand-Master  
 10      998      Artisan
 11     1726      Legend

The basic formula to find out how many total pomodoros you have completed is

((current level + 1) ^ 3) - minus the number of pomodoros remaining until your next level.
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