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I spend two hours in the subway each day and trying to use this time as wisely as possible. Most of the time I am doing some notes, regading my day planning, week planning, ideas sketching and so on.

I don't like any fancy software, using simple online notetaking service for all my needs when at the computer. But it hasn't a capability to run on my Android device (as a standalone app) and, therefore, I am not able to sync my notes.

I am looking for notetaking software, which is available both on the web and on Android devices and provides capability to sync between them. Please, advise.

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Google Keep give it a try. Nothing much to say. Available on web, chrome & android. – Swetank May 5 '14 at 17:42
I suggest you post your question on (and remove it here), but make it a bit more specific: what must the app have, what should it have, free/paid, OS, etc... – Jan Doggen May 6 '14 at 7:28

Evernote can be used that simply, and has additional features you may find useful if you choose to make use of them. For offline use, you'll need to get a Pro subscription. The offline sync has been flawless for me in the 3+ years I've been using it.

Some additional ways Evernote can help make your commute productive:

  • clip web pages into Evernote for later reading
  • save PDF files to Evernote for later reading (I keep a @Reading notebook to hold these)
  • save screenshots and mark up with integrated Skitch utility
  • photograph white board designs while at work and save to Evernote for markup with Skitch
  • editing text

Evernote is a very powerful tool that can be used very simply if you want. I use it on Windows desktop, web browser (Firefox and Chrome), iOS, and Android. All my notes are available on all my platforms, very close to all the time.

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Tried it, but didn't like for two reasons: sync is only available in PAID version. And second - it loads extremelly slow, beause of being so feature-rich. Eventually I turned to more lightweight apps on both web and my Android device. – Denis Kulagin May 5 '14 at 13:29
@Denis Sync is available for all versions - I'm not sure when you tried it. – Raystafarian May 5 '14 at 13:33
@Raystafarian Will definitely give it a try then! – Denis Kulagin May 5 '14 at 13:37
Note, sync is available for all versions. OFFLINE notebooks require premium subscription. ( If you have network connectivity, you don't need premium. – Dennis S. May 5 '14 at 14:06
@Dennis S. Oops... That's bad. I haven't an internet access while in the subway( – Denis Kulagin May 5 '14 at 16:08

You can compare softwares in this link: Comparison of notetaking software

I suggest to you use google keep
Browser: enter image description here

Mobile app: enter image description here
I suggest you to use google keep because:
1. Simple
2. MultiPlatform (Android, Chrome extension, browser based)
3. Integrate with other google services

In google keep you can create:
1. Simple note
2. Check list
3. Image
4. Voice

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With the info you've provided, seems like you just want software to organize todo lists and syncs between desktop/android.

I would recommend GTasks or if you feel that it's too feature saturated, Google Keep is much lighter. They both require you to have a GMail account where you can access your tasks on the desktop. There are Chrome extensions/apps that help lay out your tasks as well, but I'll let you decide the level you want to take it.

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