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A lot of Uberman users report that it's very hard to recover from a lost nap. I ignored this advice and tried it anyway last week. It turns out to be a major issue that eventually forced me back to the standard monophasic sleep schedule.

What is recommended to do in this situation? Is there a safe formula to replace the lost time?

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It's like replacing lost nights for regular folks. It's not something that is supposed to happen regularly. Should it still happen Modafinil is a substance that can help you feel awake.

Solving lack of sleep through drugs is however not generally recommended. I'm no doctor, do it at your own risk.

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If you can't keep up with the naps, it means your naps follow each other to soon.

Try a napping schedule in between, like Everyman. It's also less intensive than Uberman in terms of health...

Perhaps there is a situation where you can play around it by extending the other naps when you plan to skip a nap, but as it seems nobody has done this before it all boils down to experimenting.

Personally, I think it would also be interesting to see how sleeping a lot more a night and skipping a night of sleep each day would be; I think nobody has tried the reverse direction. I guess we can't sleep that long...

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