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I love reading. For me, it's very stimulating to read for pleasure. Oddly enough, reading on the subway in NYC works very well for me. I am able to live inside the pages of the book I am reading and it makes commuting much easier. However, the amount of time I spend on the train is very minimal. When at home, I have difficulty focusing. It's too quiet or there are too many distractions (phone, television, etc...) Furthermore, I don't have a desk or workstation at home. So, I read in bed. The books I am reading are incredibly interesting but when laying in bed, my natural instinct is to fall asleep. I would like to read longer and more frequently because it adds to my overall peace. How do I set aside time for leisurely reading? Where are some locations that may fit my style?

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Could you increase your time on the subway? I've never been to NYC, but if it is anything like the London Tube you could travel the wrong way a couple of stops and then go back the right way again. – Kramii May 12 '14 at 14:14

It sounds to me like you're struggling with creating an environment for reading, not finding time to read.

You mention that you struggle reading in bed (naturally) and there's no place for you to read that's neither too loud or too quiet.

What you need to do is create a place (whether permanent or temporary) and associate it with where and when you are reading. This can be transoforming the office (or kitchen table) into the reading space using cues that appear when reading and disappear when not reading.

For Instance: as you can tell from trying to read in bed is that you're prone to sleep rather than read. If you successfully transformed this into a reading space, you would then struggle with sleeping. Rather than laying in bed, try a different orientation of your body or even your bed when reading. Perhaps try a different temperature of light when reading, open the window, play some classical music or white noise, eliminate technology, mute the phone, remove the tablet, turn off the computer. Do whatever you need to do to associate the place and time with the activity. Create mental cues for your brain to focus on something specific.

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Nice answer, +1, especially for If you successfully transformed this into a reading space, you would then struggle with sleeping. You don't want to associate lying in bed with reading, because that will mess up falling asleep. I would definitely recommend finding a chair to read in. – Stephan Kolassa May 12 '14 at 16:03

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