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I am an Accounting senior level student. My issue is due to lots of information in the books I tend to forget about every specific topic and heading even if I compile notes and memory aids. Reason being that in these professional studies anything can be asked in exams from anywhere. So how do I remember small details at this stage?

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  • Try to practise it, not just study it.
  • Use mnemotecnics more efficiently. Have you tried these Memory Techniques?
  • Use spaced repetition. Use a tool like AnkiWeb to introduce what you have to remember and check the cards each day.
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In addition to practice, it becomes easier to remember accounting details when placed in their proper situational context. The accounting experience becomes a little more salient when you are preparing a report for an auditing board. Things become real when the very existence of your company and the livelihood of everyone there depends on the accuracy of your accounting. When you understand what can go wrong without good accounting youll gain a deeper understanding for the rules, patterns and practices. Chances are that each rule was developed because of some pretty serious problems in the past.

Here are some ideas for making learning a little more realistic.

  • Learning from a text book can be a dry and lifeless experience if the examples are not very realistic. Look for fiction or nonfiction books about finance, investment or accounting. If you understand the framework about the subject you'll pick up on telling details from the stories
  • Become an apprentice to a professional. Perhaps it would be good to help someone you know at a club or a church group with their bookkeeping. Preferably it would be a group that already has a treasurer. T
  • Podcasts are good for listening to experiences others have encountered in their professional life.
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Concentrate on the most important things more. "lots of information" actually means it is too diluted. There is a lack of real knowledge. The reality is one, whole. Everything has its proper place. As manuelhe pointed out, things are easy to remember when put in context. The more you know, the richer the context, the easier it becomes to learn even more. Much like assembling a puzzle.

But You must have rushed too much raw information into your head mechanically, without proper interest. If so, the mind will defend itself from abuse and reject it, just like the stomach pukes when overloaded.

What you can do is at least pay some respect to the authorities who forced you to study accounting, that will make studies much easier.

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