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Here is a question — How many Pomodoro sprints do you do a day and what kind of activities do you include in a sprint?

For example I have said that getting 10 sprints done in a day is a reasonable amount, but to my mind that depends on what those sprints consist of. For example dealing with email could be grouped and called a sprint, but is that legitimate or should things like admin be done outside of sprints?

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What do you mean by a sprint? Do you just mean you are not on a break? When you are using the pomodoro technique, you are either focusing on a task or you are on a break. If you are on a break, you are not supposed to do anything mentally complex. You are supposed to relax so that you don't burn out as you complete more and more pomodoros. – still_dreaming_1 Sep 2 '15 at 3:15

The answer is that the number of sprints you do is whatever is right for you. I don't approach the sprints in terms of sets. Rather, I start a Pomodoro sprint whenever I have a single task that needs my undivided attention. There are so many distractions that rob my attention when I am trying to accomplish something related to my "True Work". Email, social media, music videos, the web in general are all interesting and present fine diversions but these diversions are for down time. They are not your real work.

Pomodoro is a way to put blinders to these distractions and add a sense of scarcity to time. Any activity is a candidate for the Pomodoro technique. You could even use Pomodoro to focus specifically on diversions. However you arrange and group Pomodoro sprints is up to you.

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