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I had within the past year an epiphany and "crystallization" of my core values. Before this realization I had latent beliefs and values, but I had no direction and was just coasting along my current path until I had it figured out.

I've got it figured out - I know what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, I have a plan of how to get there, but my plan is over the course of several years and involves me saving up money by working in an industry that I no longer have any passion towards and does not align with my beliefs. I've spent lots of money and time to gain skills and a degree in this industry though and it would be a waste now to not take advantage of this. How do I make it through this time without hating myself for going directly against my values?

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It would depend on which core values are not in alignment. If the company violates your personal standards of decency I would get out ASAP. Look for another company in the industry where you can at least get by.

If your core values are OK, but you are seeking a new field or a new industry, I can understand that obligations may exist where you need to be earning a living and stay at your current company.

In this case, you should find an aspect in your current industry that aligns with your passion. Get to know the people there. See if you can make a move to work where they are. Plot a path to where your vision takes you, but take advantage of whatever you can find in your current industry. Use the resources you find there to create enough of a base and a bridge to be able to make the move to fulfill your goals.

There are notable examples to follow.

Jim Henson's passion was to be puppeteer but until he could establish his own company and create the art envisioned, he used his puppets to create training movies for IBM.

Dr Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Seuss) was destined to become one of the premier authors of cartoons and children s literature but on the way he wrote for General Electric, NBC, Standard Oil before publishing under his own name.

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I am indeed looking to jump to a new field/industry. Thank you for the tips, the bridge-building idea is something I hadn't thought of. – tM -- May 28 '14 at 20:08

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