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I'm a high school student, I have a problem with learning geography. For me, it's the most boring subject I have to learn. I can't concentrate and remember the things I have to. If I read 10-15 pages I will remember only the title. I have tried everything: mindmaps, organizing the material on my own, taking breaks (40 min study/10 min break).

I don't have this problem with any other subject in school.
Now I have to study 60-70 pages of text in 3 days.

How can I learn this material?

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Short term. Does your textbook have a summaries for each chapter? Study those intensely and know them inside and out. If the summaries aren't very descriptive, skim and write down the most important idea in each page. Study these ideas intensely and try to understand what the larger emergent idea is. On the last day get together with a couple friends and see if you can come up with what will be on the test. Ask what they don't understand and try and explain it to them. Teaching is one of the best ways for you to understand something because you have to come up with language and logic that makes it real.

Long term Approach it as a building block toward something that does interest you. Steve Jobs cited calligraphy as an inspiration for font design on the Macintosh. Not everything in life is pleasant but if you angle everything toward your higher purpose you will build the enthusiasm up front to succeed at anything at all.

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I'm going to assume that you have a good ability to learn things and a process that works for you (because as you say you have no problem excelling in other subjects). I've found that the only way to learn something is to have an underlying motivation/interest. So, on one level it could be as simple as "I need to pass this exam in order to get a high enough GPA, in order to get into a good school, etc...", or "I should understand Geography because intelligent people have to be knowledgeable of the world". If you don't have any tangible long term goals, perhaps you could engage yourself by identifying things/people that interest you within each region/country. Perhaps a famous person, an art school, a historical feat, etc...

Hope it helps.

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As per some learning theories, the best way to learn is to teach. so after reading a topic find someone and try to teach them that topic, preferably your classmate.

Geography is about places and maps, draw the maps, find related images.

Use Google Earth and, open an account, share what you learn and add it to the maps online.

if you are in rush and need to pass an exam, try to summarize all the material ( expected on the exam) in one or two A4 sheets. then try to re-write it again without looking.

Find past exams questions, for the same teacher, and learn the answers.

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Try to read things out loud. Just be hearing your own words, you will retain much more then what I have been doing until now.

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I'd suggest you to first fix physiological factors that may be in the way of focus. Most people focus on psychology behind studying, but physiology is just as important.

For example, use caffeine.

When studying, eat less carbs, more fat / protein as they enhance focus. Protein supports neurotransmitters, and fat supports neurogenesis.

Exercise may also help, if the above fails.

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