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Can a good comfortable chair increase work hours and productivity?

Would it be good to invest in a very good chair?

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Can a good comfortable chair increase work hours and productivity?

Of course. Why shouldn't ?

Would it be good to invest a very good chair?

If you spend a lot of time with your computer, you deserve the best chair for your productivity.

I recomended you the best chair (In my opion) Herman Miller Aeron chair which I heard it from Jeff. It's little expensive but like Jeff said Cheap chairs suck.

enter image description here

Also read Jeff's article Investing in a Quality Programming Chair and Computer Workstation Ergonomics

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Basically, yes.

If you currently feel your chair is uncomfortable, or your back hurts, that's definitely a good reason to change it. Being distracted by discomfort is never good for your productivity.

However, if you think your chair is just fine right now, it still may be good to get a more ergonomic one. According to the doctors I've seen for my lower back pain, most people with desk jobs develop back pain sooner or later. So even if you don't have any issues now, there's a good chance you may have them in the future. Getting a good ergonomic chair now can prevent that from happening. And believe me, even very mild back pain is a bad drain on productivity.

One note on actually buying a chair: a "very good chair" is a very subjective question, and depends a lot on your body type and your work preferences. If you're planning on investing significant money, you really should find somewhere you can try the chairs out in person.

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