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I have migrated my GTD system from one implementation to another multiple times. I started with a Palm, moved to Outlook and Palm, then Outlook, then several different Wiki based implementations, then to Remember The Milk in several different shapes, then Evernote in two different ways, and finally to the mixed tool system that I'm using now. In all cases, ...


I put "moral reminders" (quotations, reminders, etc..) in my calendar and then display my calendar events on my lock screen. http://www.tested.com/tech/android/457766-tips-and-tricks-make-androids-lock-screen-and-notifications-even-better/


I think you can achieve this by using 2 separate apps: Install a good screen locker that allows displaying widgets. There are several screen locker apps that do this, for example WidgetLocker Lockscreen (paid version). Personally I use Go Locker which is free and can display widgets in a secondary lock screen (you swipe to access the secondary screen). ...


I'm pretty sure you don't need to check if you received a message every 10 minutes. If you go somewhere to study: You are going to study, not to check if you've received a message, leave your smartphone at home. If you go work: You are going to work, your smartphone is a distraction and makes you less productive, leave your smartphone at home. If you ...

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