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Say you have a program to write, or a math problem to solve, or a circuit to design, or some specific class assignment. Begin by thinking up as many approaches as you can. Compare them and pick one to try. Use a breadth first rather than a depth first search for a solution. To help change your way of thinking, challenge yourself to invent at least 3 ...


@OmegaSQU4RED... What a great job you have done in identifying your challenges that you have experienced so far in your life and academic career. If you can translate these challenges into a "need statements" then it will be easier to focus on finding solutions to help overcome your challenges. I think the most important thing is to consider all of your ...


You may want to check out Mindfulness training. There's an emerging body of autism and mindfulness research you can look into. Some research claims Mindfulness seems to be an effective intervention reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and distress in high functioning adults with autism.

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