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I also prefer "thinking on paper". Also for story-cards and my own activities I use paper and cards on a wall. Everyone can see it and everyone can make notes on them. [This only works if your team is in one area.] For the documentation and before I go on holidays I make photos of the most important parts. There is no index on them, nothing to search but ...


I use a similar approach to yours and don't think there is anything wrong with it. I digitize my paper documents by scanning them (or sometimes taking a picture) and adding it to Evernote, which scans the document and OCRs them making them searchable.


Depending on your budget you could use a LiveScribe smartpen to record your writing. From there, you can buy into the system that integrates this pen with Moleskine and EverNote. The advantage of this is that handwriting recognition with the smartpen is far better than a scanned image alone, because the movement of the pen is captured and can train the ...

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