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I use the concept of friction based productivity, it goes like this: If you want to stop doing something, make it harder to do that thing. The first step would be to simply uninstall Minecraft and any game while you still have some consciousness of the time wasted there. Another example is getting rid of your TV (but I am guessing that you are still living ...


There is a way out of this. Like any other technique to replace 'bad' habits, it requires discipline but the reason it appears to work for a lot of us is its a good hack to trick your brain: If you are able to diagnose every habit into its underlying cues, routine and reward, you will be able to attack each component separately and will most likely ...


In all of the studying I do, I have found that being able to take breaks whenever I want to can be detrimental. Although a 5-10 minute break every hour doesn't seem bad, you may not be breaking enough. I'd definitely recommend the Pomodoro Technique.


A good strategy would be to implement some sort of consequence for breaking your own rules. It has to be something that holds weight though, so that you will consider it when weighing the pros/cons of extending the timer. You will need to determine how best to punish or reward yourself (monetary, caloric, etc).

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