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It is advisable to take a break twice for a 3 hour exam. After an hour, you'll notice that you'll start to drag. Consider drinking water and closing your eyes for 5 mins. This should help your brain rest a little and get your focus back on.


The nature of any possible break may be entirely defined by the exam invigilator. Some will not let you do anything other than walk to the bathroom and back, others will let you have food, and some open book exams may even let you study. I'd suggest if you need to take one: Do it when you feel like you have stalled and you aren't answering effectively. ...


My first tip: once an exam is written, forget everything about it until the results come back. There is nothing you can do to change it, and beating yourself up over questions you may or may not have missed is not productive. It takes a while to learn how to do this properly, but once you can, it makes focusing on the rest of your exams so much easier. As ...

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