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I know this sounds crazy but there are people that swear by 30/30. 30 minutes work (intense thinking), then 30 minutes of break. The break can optionally include some light work requiring little brainpower like filing or straitening up your desk or making an uncomplicated phone call. If you are in the middle of an epiphany at the 30 minute mark, don't ...


I've been applying the Pomodoro Technique with a little Change. I do two Pomodoros (50 minutes) of study and then "2 breaks" (10 minutes). After two or three sessions like this I take a 30 minutes long break. Its important that you really take a break when is time for it. No reading, no writing. Take a walk outside your apartment or clean your room. Another ...


In all of the studying I do, I have found that being able to take breaks whenever I want to can be detrimental. Although a 5-10 minute break every hour doesn't seem bad, you may not be breaking enough. I'd definitely recommend the Pomodoro Technique.

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