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My wife and I coordinate calendars using wifi only. We both have iPod Touch devices (I also use a Kindle Fire tablet), and coordinate using Google Calendar. Changes on a handheld device are synchronized when the network is available. We find it most convenient to have "his", "hers", and "ours" calendars. We each keep our own calendar, and anything we need ...


If you and your wife have smartphones that can use wifi, you can sync your calendars over wifi despite having no data plan. Those calendars would then remain available to you when you are away from wifi (just, as you mentioned, no longer guaranteed to be synced). There would be no fees involved for this capability, beyond acquiring the smartphones (or ...


How many and which calendars should I use In my experience as few as possible. At first I liked the idea to have a calendar for each category (mine being "study", "personal", "important") and have a quick overview over my tasks. But when I wanted to sync my calendars to different devices it was sometimes a pain to set up all the different calendars. I ...


I think you can give Google Docs a try. Google has been integrating it well into Gmail and other services very well lately and it is expected to get even better as time progresses.

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