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If I understand you correctly you feel stressed when asked a question you weren't prepared for. I think the solution is to get used to not always answering promptly. Give yourself time to think. Answers don't have to come in two seconds, in fact, if you always talk like that you'll sound unconfident. In short, you're worth waiting for, act like it.


Nothing. This is a typical case of people reacting to their own opinions instead of facts, and ignoring that we constantly miscommunicate with each other, especially if text is the only form of communication. She is assuming that you either know the correct salutation, or that you should be able to find out (maybe you could've found out somewhere, but it ...


I think it's a valid question to ask. Suppose you wanted to see the doctor within a week. Then the wait it will be too long for your level of patience and might want to look elsewhere. Or maybe you will be out of town after those six weeks. It could also be the case that you don't mind waiting all that time at all. For a variety of reasons: maybe you ...


I strongly believe that you should go on and ignore what happened. It was a misunderstanding and it was clarified. You even apologised, so there is no point in dragging on the issue. If she gets offended so easily, she'll get offended again soon and will probably forget all about this particular time. Go to class on Saturday as any other student and act as ...

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