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You need to train yourself to automatically produce some phrases that help you stall for time while you figure out what you really want to say. You can brainstorm some -- write a looonnngg list of possibilities. Then get a friend to help you practice them, so you can see which ones feel most comfortable. The next step is to try using them even when you ...


In reading your final sentence, I think I'd disagree with asking for more information, as the two examples you give are both obviously them wanting to narrow down the information or product they give you. If they ask if x weeks is okay, I'd suggest you think about whether it is okay for you, and if so answer with a yes, otherwise with a no, but don't give a ...


If I understand you correctly you feel stressed when asked a question you weren't prepared for. I think the solution is to get used to not always answering promptly. Give yourself time to think. Answers don't have to come in two seconds, in fact, if you always talk like that you'll sound unconfident. In short, you're worth waiting for, act like it.


I think it's a valid question to ask. Suppose you wanted to see the doctor within a week. Then the wait it will be too long for your level of patience and might want to look elsewhere. Or maybe you will be out of town after those six weeks. It could also be the case that you don't mind waiting all that time at all. For a variety of reasons: maybe you ...

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