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I'd go with the same method posted here: Hit Ctrl + F Type in part of the link's text you want to open Hit F3 if the found text is not on the link When it is, press Esc, this makes the link in focus Hit [Ctrl] Enter (ctrl is to open it in a new tab)


Try VimFx for Firefox Example Press f and all links get labelled with letters. See screenshot: Type for example the letters hk (you don't need to press Shift to capitalize them), and you have effectively "clicked" the Questions link with your keyboard -- and pretty fast for that matter. More examples Typing Shift+f labels all links with letters as ...


Ktimetracker Although I have no experience with this particular software, it might suit your needs. It's from KDE, so if you are using other Desktop Environment it might install a lot of dependencies. ktimetracker


I highly recommend Pentadactyl for Firefox, or Vimium for Chrome or Opera. They give vim-like (ie., highly efficient) keyboard control over the web browser. Links are given shortcuts, so any on-screen link should be at most a few keystrokes away. Pentadactyl, and to a lesser extent Vimium & VimFx, rely on Vim keys and similar mnemonics for shortcuts, ...


Try out Pentadactyl or Vimperator if you want to navigate your browser using your keyboard. It will help a lot if you can already use vim or emacs.


I use Hamster. It meets all your requirements. I have mine set to track to the nearest 1/10 of an hour (6 minutes). If there is inactivity for that period, it stops tracking but also every 6 minutes a 5-second tiny window pops up in the corner to remind you as to which project you're currently tracking against...to included you're currently not tracking ...

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