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I do not try to control the thoughts that come when meditating. I begin by focusing on my breathing, but inevitably my mind will wander to something else. When this happens I acknowledge the thought and then purposefully pull my mind back to my breath. I have found that the more I meditate the shorter my "distracted" moments become. I find that the thoughts ...


You haven't mentioned your operating system but in case you're using Mac OS X then there's Qbserve. It tracks not only sites and apps but also subreddits on and YouTube videos, so you can separate useful ones (like tutorials) from distractive. Qbserve also logs time independently for different Skype, Slack, and Telegram chats. I created this app ...


You should check out Mindfulness meditation and give it a try. There are indications that it can be very beneficial for ADHD people. Google it and read more about it.

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