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i just wanna summarize what im reading above since people surrounding me keep talking. LOL. To avoid distraction while reading, you need to: 1/ put finger or card index below what you are reading. 2/ take notes what your are reading. 3/ put earbud 4/ read out loud


First off, it's not your fault. Things you enjoy or find more captivating are, by their nature, easier to focus on. The challenge for you is to overcome the extra mental barrier of "ugh, this is work" which is no easy task. Try to make the task more enjoyable by listening to music. Or perhaps reward yourself with a round of Angry Birds when you finish a ...


I would try a few different approaches/methods. As Jeanne wrote, it's a different kind of focus and the REQUIREMENTS are different. Even if you're interested in the subject, manuals are still very content-rich source of data (no breaks for your mind). Thus, try: Skimming a few pages, so you know what the text is about (a general idea) and form questions ...


It's a different typo of focus. Watching an action movie requires a fairly "passive" focus. Whereas a programming video requires a lot more thought. You'll need to see what type of learning works for you. For example, maybe it is reading a book with frequent switches to the computer to try out what you are learning. Because they key to the reading is to ...

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