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I find the main difference between studying a topic and practicing a topic (working) is that through study you typically follow your interests. By wanting to learn more about a subject can have you studying hours upon hours effortlessly, in work you instead are required to complete a specific task which in some cases you might have no interest at all in. ...


You mention that you love your firm, but do you love the work you are doing? Are you feeling as if you're contributing? If yes, then you should be getting energized from work. It's okay to be tired at the end of the day (I'm used to 10 hour workdays not including travel), but the job itself should provide you with satisfaction and energy. However, in your ...


As OP says that these books are mathematics or science books.So, this problem can be solved by taking particular topic from book, then ask question to yourself about that topic and then found answers in the book. Science is driven by practicals which can be done in lab to create enthusiasm and maths needs to be practiced.

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