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Since you are on linux, if you want a CLI, use: https://gist.github.com/rsvp/1209835 Which is a script called noise.sh that just calls the sox play command. You can configure anything you would like about it.


Have you tried a kanban board? It requires a certain discipline to get into it (when you finish a task you have to remember to move the post-it to done, when a new task surges out of what you're doing, you have to "catch" it, write it down and put the note in "pending". But the effect of it is pretty much what you're looking for... You can "rewire" yourself ...


This time to get "into work" you talk about is fundamentally the time you need to Overcome procrastination 'Load' the concepts and information back into your brain before you start working on the days tasks Once you've done these you're ready to be working at '100%' again. Regarding point #1, there are whole books on the topic of how to stop ...

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