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All it takes is four simple steps: Invest in good software, preferably with a very high intertwingle number Use batch processing Automate everything, clearing out you downloads in particular Keep using it


Step 1 is to make sure you aren't letting anything into your system that doesn't belong there. I find that making sure I send any and all bookmarks, articles, links, notes, and whatever through my inbox first helps a lot. That gives me another chance to look at it while Processing my inbox, before it really gets into my system. A lot of things don't make the ...


Remembering Clay Shirky's famous quote that the problem is not information overload, its the lack of quality information filters. So instead of being lenient in tagging stuff as 'Read Later' or any other tag that ingests content into your system, be more strict in asking, does this content really serve any of my end goals/objectives/projects etc. Once its ...


Disclaimer: I'm currently in the same state as you are, cluttered with enormous amounts of piling up data. I'm not yet using following techniques, but they are the ones I want to employ when I finally decide to start. For previously-accumulated data, schedule a daily routine (30-60 minutes) to process it - consolidate and combine it, try to transform and ...

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