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Suggestions from talking with professors: Have a list of problems available. Collect those that are close to your interests and skill. Whenever you read about a new technique, check it in that list.


I know that feeling and it can be solved or mitigated: Renegociate your TODOs to make them more realistic. You have a long list of dreams and you didn't work at all on them. Sorry to tell you but extrapolating from past reasults it seems that you have to choose. Assume that you are a limited human as everybody and do not feel bad for that. Once that you ...


Three different questions, I'll answer them at once because my advice will be short: use pomodoros to stay on task. Search for "pomodoro" on this site for details break down your goals into steps that are doable. Define what the next thing to do is in each project. Plan your time ahead, and leave room for unexpected things to do and breaks. After each ...

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