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Browsing the internet leads to spiralling activities. Most popular websites are designed to keep you browsing. You may think you'll just watch the cat video, but when it's finished, YouTube shows you nine other cat videos you can watch, and even before you're through the sidebar is full of tantalizing videos selected by the top machine learning algorithms to ...


What repetitive processes do you have that consist of tiny time slices?You know more about your job than we do. Things that come to mind: looking up translations doing some calculations filing away paperwork proofreading documentation physical exercises to prevent RSI read a web page that is on your 'non-essential' reading list check your mail and other ...


I recently threw together a Chrome extension called Inbox When Ready which addresses this exact problem. The extension hides your Gmail inbox by default. All other views remain accessible as normal so you can search your archive or compose messages without getting distracted.

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