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When you are controlled by the habbit instead of being able to control the habbit - it becomes addiction. It is similar to smoking or other chemical addictions. You need a systematic approach to get free from it. Generaly, it is important to do the following 3 things systematically: Self control Substitute Abstinence Here are the possible steps to ...


Here's the best option: Delete your facebook account! Honestly, the best discipline comes from not being able to do what you don't want to want to do. Also, it's absolutely freeing. Otherwise, find a good blocker and turn it on while working. Leechblock is free and pretty good.


You need a machine wide blocker. If the blocker isn't finely tuned, it blocks useful stuff and then you disable the blocker. RescueTime's paid version has fine tuning for machine wide blocking. Increase the cost of turning off the blocker. One possibility is editing the host file for sites that are completely useless. I set the domain names of distracting ...


Instead of saying "ok, today, I'm not going to do any of those things...", one should say "ok, today, these are the specific things I'm going to do."


Often we are creatures of habit and attempting to avoid something only causes us to increase the temptation of falling into that habit. This problem could be one of two basic things... These things are distracting you If you're sitting there and suddenly find yourself desiring to get in a round of your phone game and indulge it then procrastination is the ...


The simple technique for that is called "reframing" and means rephrasing negative to positive. So "I'm not going to do those things" becomes "when I'm tempted to do those things I can easily switch back to important things" Of course this works better together with other well-known anti-procrastination tactics - pomodoro timer, gtd(ztd) task lists and ...


Maybe this not your answer but I want to say my experience and maybe help someone: I think check email , facebook, these web sites and etc are not the main problem. The problem is what are you doing at that time which you neglect your work and do to surf the web. I think we should think about that in this way. I think about my self and my work and also my ...

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