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Your focus is not strong enough to keep your mind off distractions causing daydreaming. The solution to this is Mindfulness training. It has scientifically been shown to significantly improve the ability to focus on relevant tasks.


Assuming you are unable to sustain self control (which is admittedly contrary to how Stack Exchange is designed to work): Some things I do: Adblock the "hot questions" and "related questions" list frames. This is pretty helpful... Log out of Stack Exchange. Voting, answering, commenting, all are time sucks. Disable email notifications for Stack Exchange. ...


Here is another approach you may want to consider: EDIT your "hosts" file on your computer (if using Windows it's located within a /etc directory inside the windows/system ... directory). It's a plain text file (any editor will do, like notepad). Add a line in it for any website you suffer this problem with, by adding it's domainname (like facebook.com), and ...


My experience I had exactly the same problem - the last week of the month at work was totally ineffective. So I've learned one tip form my friend, he is a coach on personal effectivness. He advised me to work on such days while standing. The thing is that sitting is very comfortable for us. So when we do not want to work much, we start to use such pleasent ...

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