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There might be no need for an app. Under Cyanogenmod there's an option to enforce quiet hours, on which your phone won't bother you. It all boils down to wether your phone allows for this or not. Before looking for apps, make sure to check if your phone has the sought feature already built in. In my specific case, the option was under Settings/Sound.


I would recommend that you look at "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg if you are able. It contains advice on how habits and willpower work and how to make or break habits. Some tips from the book include: Marking a piece of paper every time you have the urge to act out a bad habit (if you have more than one you could use different symbols for each ...


I don't see what's the problem with those behaviors if they relax you after, before or while doing something worthwhile and meaningful to you. Maybe instead of focusing on eradicating them if they are your natural tendence, you could try to develop a bit more what you want to work on, what will those nonsensical tasks be the rest from. We all need a bit of ...

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