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Good question - much of it sounds very familiar to me, as I also tend to collect many tasks on longs lists which tend to paralyze me. On the other hand, I would not delete the existing list (unless you really believe that all those things on it were not important at all). @borjab and @Kramii already gave excellent advice and answers, I would have ...


Your list is making you unhappy, which is why people are recommending that you throw it away. These are people who care about you, they know you, and they probably have some insight into the things on your list. They may feel that you're placing too much emphasis on the things that you have listed. They want you to be free to enjoy life rather than ...


You need to bite the bullet and get going. There's no reason to throw away your valuable task list --- use it as basis for a personal backlog of things to do. Be sure to perform task triage so you prioritize the most important tasks. The Eisenhower matrix gives you good help: Then work your way through the backlog, adding new tasks as you go.


Been there and suffered something similar. At this point your list is overwhelming. You won't feel motivated and surely will be procrasticating a lot. Your brain knows that the price for hard work is more hard work. If you spend a lot of time worring about task and very little about the task themselves some of my ideas might help: Move all tasks that you ...


Vinyl chalkboard wall stickers are a simpler and cheaper alternative to whiteboards. They are easy to remove. I believe it could be good to have a physically big to-do-list (or similar) visible in your room. That way you and others will be sure not to forget about it. Sheets of paper are easily lost or forgotten.


I'd go with calendar software. You can erase cleanly. You can take it with you, on your mobile device (and if you have a habit of having your mobile phone with you at all times, you will never be without your schedule). If you are in a server environment or share your calendar with others, they know when you are free. You can easily roll over recurring ...


Main issue with whiteboard is that you can't take it with you. When you want to create new schedule you just grab another piece o paper, you do not lost what you have written at previous. Paper is also lot cheaper than whiteboards.

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