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You can use Evernote to append to Existing Notes via Email


Quicksilver, despite being often referred to as just an application launcher, does index everything on your desktop machine; then it provides all kind of actions once you have located a set of items to work upon. Together with a well-thought file tagging policy (OSX feature), you have a dynamic metaview of all your assets. IMHO all efforts are useless if ...


I would consider using OneNote by Microsoft. You can have Gmail for email and manage it using Microsoft Outlook with POP/IMAP turned on. You can also manage Google Cal via Outlook as well. You wouldn't need to be online all the time. Only when you want to refresh data from gmail or gCal. This solution will also work on MacOSX.


As I understand your question, incoming emails are distributed to all support group members. If your company uses MS Exchange, use a shared mailbox instead. It provides one mail adress and a shared mailbox. Everybody in the support group gets permission on that mailbox. You then can use e.g. categories to mark who works on which mail. Or edit the subject ...

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