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I currently use Option 1 in my personal context, with a slight mod, but I'm considering Option 3. I have a few personal emails that I first aggregate into a "catch-all" account with Mozilla Thunderbird, and then I apply tagging rules (newsletter, notification, financial, personal, etc.) to all of those messages. It works, but it's getting a bit unwieldy. ...


I use a second email account for my mailing lists and for signing up for things. This helps keep my primary email for important things and makes it easier to search my primary email. It works well for me. The one thing to watch out for if you use the secondary account to create online accounts you either need to check the secondary account regularly or set ...


I use my main email account and mail rules. However, I mostly subscribe to things I read. And I delete anything after a month if I haven't read it. So they don't pile up in search. Bulk emails tend not to be things I can't search for later on the internet.

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