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Buy a booktop desk stand, also known as desktop book holder. If you take one that attaches to the side of the desk, you can swing it in any direction: If you keep your book at the same distance from your eyes as your monitor, you avoid having to refocus your eyes (less eyestrain, less fatigue). Edited to add: and make sure the one you buy has a way to ...


If you use a computer desk with a sliding keyboard drawer, use that drawer/shelf for your book while the desktop for your keyboard. This way, you have the least amount of interference and have both access to all three things (keyboard, screen and book) at the same time.


Although this is old, here's a very cheap DIY alternative you could try: http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html It's obviously not adjustable during use, but you can do what I do (if you have a wide enough desk) and switch between using it for the standing position or sitting down and using the actual desk for the sitting ...


I prefer to use computer in corner between three tables and rotating chair so I have table space on both sides and shelves above. Who needs windows if you can have computer cave?

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