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An interesting open source alternative to Evernote is in my opinion TagSpaces. It is basically a simple file manager with note editing and tagging capabilities. There are releases for windows, mac and linux. Interesting by this project is that the tags are saved in the file names making syncing it easy with for example dropbox.


While looking for advice on implementing the Getting Things Done [...] I haven't read Allen's book yet. Yes, you should read the book first. TSW is a practical simplification. Once you need to go further, you have to refer to the source. Even in a simple case, trying to implement the system without reading about it first will, most likely, ...


I think the key is not how to you use the tool, you need a habit of reading and reflecting on your notes daily. If you can simply just take 10 minutes each day (designated time slot ) to read your notes you'll get much better at this.


Paperwork aims to be an open-source, self-hosted alternative to services like Evernote. http://paperwork.rocks disclosure I am the creator of this tool.

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