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I think that Todoist is a nice app for your to-dos. For note taking, yes, Evernote can be a good choice. And, for team communications you can use Slack.


Why not use the values and attributes as tags themselves? For instance, instead of having a tag [mood] and modifiers tacked on to that tag (values ranging from 0-5), you could create several tags: [mood:5], [mood:4],... and so on. Then you can search for tags by both their category (mood, motivation, food, etc) and by their values (0, 5, high, low, and so on)...


I've had this same need as well, and I've been building out a website ( that integrates fairly powerful lists with notes, bookmarks, and images. For me, I add a to do list that has a master list of everything I need to accomplish (it's fairly manageable since I can nest todo items). I can set this list to appear for each day, but ...

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