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How to manage the spilled task within deadline? It's easy. You move it. Seriously, if the interruptions are happening at such scale that you can't keep up with your original plan, that means that either your original planning was too ambitious or you are not handling interruptions properly. Assuming that you do your best, it condenses to a plan. Now, ...


Never plan 100%. If you have 8 hours/day available to do the work, plan only 6. This way you have 25% 'slack time'. You are actually planning the interruptions. Is 25% enough? Measure how much extra time you need now, or how much of the work you don't do, and after a few weeks you will have a pretty good estimate of the percentage you can plan in.


There is a book by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi about the flow state where he reccommend setting the optimal complexity level of goals so they are not too high, but also not too low. Then you increase your ambitions proportional to the increase of your abilities and keep motivaated enough this way. I've read that really achieving the goals you set increases your ...


How about something simple like a text or spredsheet document, a note in Evernote, a page in your private wiki or something like that. Something you can easily access and easily edit. I sometimes use the three daily outcomes and the three weekly outcomes at work. For daily outcomes I use a TODO item (task) that is scheduled today and contains the three ...

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