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I'm not sure how you define "simple" :-) Emacs org-mode Emacs org-mode can certainly do what you want and stores the data in very simple plain text files. Advantages stores files in plain text - easily sync'ed, diffed, copied, no proprietary format! files can be read in plain text on any computer/system with another text editor Emacs is already ...


Preliminary remark: I've tried to set up a MYWN-system with Emacs org-mode and I'm working with it for more than a year now, however it's not yet complete. I'll try to add more details in the following days. My emacs setup is very cluttered at the moment, so I don't want to share it as is. How to use Emacs org-mode for M. Linenberger's MYWN* *Master Your ...


Best system I've ever used for defining next actions is Resultsmanager addin for Mindmanager mindmapping tool. It relies on each project being planned funnel style in separate maps.The tool then scans each map for the next action and listed them grouped by context, date or priorly in customisable Dashboards It would also highlight projects where no next ...


I like Asana. Beautiful, clean interface, and great ability to create tasks, subtasks, etc. Integrates with Outlook nicely! Good luck!

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