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I developed a system called Control Your Day (CYD) using Microsoft Outlook that uses virtual search folders to implement GTD using Outlook. You can find out more about CYD at www.controlyourday.net


I know this is an old question, but I wanted to throw this out there in case it helps someone. Background of answer: I suffer from periodic clinical depression and clinical anxiety. I have good brain chemistry days and bad brain chemistry days -- and there's an entire spectrum of possibilities between "full capacity" and "don't even". So I have to deal with ...


Check out Todoist. It has apps for almost every platform, from mobile to web to your computer (Mac/PC/no Linux support at this time). They have "Sub tasks" and "Sub projects", which provide a hierarchy tree structure. Check out this screenshot to get an idea of how the tree structure appears visually. While not attached to metadata directly, I figured I'd ...


You seem to want org-mode for emacs. See this screencast for a first impression Watch this presentation to get a more complete idea.

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