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A good start would be to reduce a number of things that induce your impulses. Something like this: internet addiction Remove shortcuts to browsers. Hide bookmark/favorite bars. Install "parental control" apps that limit your screen/internet time on schedule, and give admin access to a trusted friend/significant other, so that you can't just go around ...


I really like the "elephant + rider" model of our brain, where our rational thoughts (the rider) steer our mammalian brain (the elephant) that handles everything our body does. It's not always easy to get the elephant to do what the rider wants, especially when you're not in top form (tired, sad, hungry, ...). Willpower is a limited resource, there are ...


Here are some things that worked for me: Plan your time. The more concrete your plan is for the day/hour, the easier it is to follow it, if you don't have a plan, you will end up procrastinating. My plan/intent for a workday is to not do anything but work. Might sound too simple to believe, but you have to be prepared with this in the back of your head to ...


The topic is glanced on by Black et al, 1993, "Smoking cessation interventions for university students: recruitment and program design considerations based on social marketing theory", page 396. But this study might not directly show what you want.

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