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If you can, read it later. There are dozens of great services, like Pocket or Instapaper, that allows you to save texts, files and even entire web-pages to read them later, when you have finished your other tasks. They are great, since you can also have offline versions of site-pages and you can install them on tablets/smartphones. This should prevent you ...


I will tell you what I used to do to make sure I remembered, until the habit was created and what I do now. Years ago, when I moved from paper based planner (that was always in front of me on my desk) to digital is I would write a big note on a piece of paper. Something like "Check ToDo List" and I would put it leaning against my monitor. To remind me to ...


Something like Cold Turkey for Linux might help. Or if you want to do this manually, try setting your root password to some random string and write it on a piece of paper which you keep as far away as possible. The physical action of having to retrieve the root password might give you a chance to stop yourself.

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