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I'm not convinced this is personal productivity, but here's a hack to help: in my experience, I build up a static charge when walking around, not while seated at my desk. To avoid the pain of the static discharge hold something metal (a key, for example) in your hand while walking around, and touch grounding objects with the key. The static charge will ...


You can purchase static straps that increase the conductivity between yourself and the floor, which should prevent most static buildup, unless your floor has a very high resistance as well. https://www.google.com/search?q=static+shoe+strap It will probably be easier, however, to change the clothing you wear. Synthetic fibers are plastic, and not only ...


Several options: New carpets. Ideal but not always possible. Increase humidity, as this helps conduct electricity. Use an anti-static spray. May be available from carpet shops. This is what my previous employer used to solve a similar problem, and it was quite effective. Change your shoes. Special antistatic shoes may be an option.

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