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You could get a kitchen safe with a timer lock. Discuss with your wife how long you are allowed to use your mobile at home for recreation. When that time is up, your wife is allowed to take the mobile, put it in the safe and set the timer for the next morning so you can retrieve it in time. Of course you could argue that your wife could simply lock your ...


Put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode and charge it on a corner. Try to disconnect as much as possible when you are at home. Spend more time with the family. When you are at work, that's the time you go crazy with everything on your phone.


Appart from lots of things that can be done in the mental side (motivation, mindfulness, replace habits with alternatives, monitorizing use) I use an Android app called AppDetox. This app allows you to create rules that restrict your use of certain apps after some time or during certain periods. Another easy hack that will reduce your moble phone use ...


Switch your mobile off when you eat. If you use a smartphone, see if there is software for it that can disable "addictive" functions at certain times of day. Don't focus on not using your mobile Rather, focus on what you want to do with your family. It's easy to say no! when there's a deeper yes! burning inside. -- Stephen R. Covey.

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