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Have a look at the book "Agile Kids" by Shirly Ronen-Harel. It's a great resource for using the whole agile portfolio (not only scrum). She also has a very good blog about that. If you want to go even further, have a look at my blog1, it is about applying Lean for self-management. 1Yes, I am affiliated with it.


Cool beans! I would make the Product Owner your wife (who best knows what needs to be done in the home other than your wife), perhaps the smallest child could be the Scrum Master. I can see your smallest child loving the idea of helping you all get your job done faster and taking little messages back to mom. As you all go about your day, keep track of ...


CRMs are really meant for groups of people to use. The popular open source Sugar CRM even recommends having at least three users first before starting use. It may also help to have a paper system in use before making the transition. As someone who used to work in sales for a startup I found myself waisting more time reading about CRMs then actually using ...

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