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I found this It's not what you read, it's what you ignore video by Scott Hanselman to be very helpful in addressing my own information overload Someone else here shared it in another topic and I learned more in those 40 or so minutes than anywhere else.


Limit your choices. You probably have developed lots of practices to succesfully deal with your way of 'scattered' working, but one is missing: cleaning out old stuff. Go through those bookmarks, and if you don't immediately recognize them (don't follow them!): delete. Another one: set time limits. You have 5 minutes to pick a gardening book. Period. It ...


I see the key sentence is this: I have trouble focusing. You like learning. That's clear. But I'll bet the list of things you're truly passionate about is a lot shorter than you probably think. What one thing would give you the most regret not having accomplished if you were on your deathbed? Read 70 books on that. Make sure that you make time every ...

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