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You just shouldn't do this. Couple of points: Writing on tablets isn't great anyway - you would be much better served with a proper keyboard. If you are writing for lengthy periods of time, get yourself a proper seat and a desk adjusted to your measurements, a screen which is clear and height adjustable and even then you should take regular breaks to avoid ...


Let's Do This - $0.99 Let's Do This is the simplest, easiest, and best looking way to manage your daily to do list. There are many to do apps, but ours doesn't try too hard, and doesn't confuse you with too many features. It's simple and easy to use. It includes a day planner or desk calendar. Sorted - $0.99 Sorted 2 is an elegant and simple to-do ...


Remember the Milk, iPad version here. $0, $25 year if you wish to sync more than once a day. Picture from https://s4.rtmcdn.net/img/services/ipad/ss_task.jpg


My problem is for some reason I get my best ideas when I am lying prone on my stomach, and have tried to figure out how to capture them. A keyboard is awkward because I have to lift my head too much and it strains my neck, and I can't maintain that position very long. – tcrosley Apr 6 at 20:53 @tcrosley, have you considered something like the headrest on a ...


OmniFocus is an excellent GTD tool for the Mac. Upon first reading your question (and not owning an iPad) I thought there was no way to export tasks from an iOS device. I have OmniFocus for the Mac and iPhone and for me this functionality is only posible on OmniFocus for the Mac. I did however look at the OmniFocus for the iPad manual and the iPad does have ...


I use one called Weave, and I found it very helpful. You can manage projects, tasks, money and time spent. It is free and you can export your data to your PC. Another one is Springpad. There you can manage tasks and projects and it's good too. You can also use it in the browser app and sync your taks.


I love Springpad. Right now, I'm keeping a notebook for Next Actions, tagged by context. In the same color, I have a someday maybe notebook, a waiting-on notebook, a problems to work on notebook, and a shopping list notebook. In a different color, I have a notebook for important information about my apartment and roommates In color 3, I keep a notebook ...

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