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There's no magic to language learning. You have to remember words, you have to learn the grammar, and you HAVE to practice. SRS programs are great for remembering stuff, since this is (our current understanding of) how the brain retains information. If you're learning one of the languages Duolingo supports, it's a great SRS system that's fun to use. I used ...


It helps me a lot to watch tv shows I like, in the language that I want to learn, but this requires at least a certain fluency in the target language. It may also help if you watch dvds with the audio and subtitles in several languages. I used it to improve my English, and I am very satisfied with it. Now I use it to improve my French.


I have used the Duolingo site and application (iOS and Android) with very good results. Full immersion into the target language, vocabulary and grammar added through pictures and context examples. Progress through various topics and levels as rapidly as you like. It incorporates spaced repetition concepts for review as well.


The Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ARASAAC) has created a large collection of graphics. This was designed for communication with hearing-impaired people, but is well suited for language learning. Currently there many thousands of images available. Sclera symbols also has a similar collection and links to other similar ...

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