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The Tim Ferris Show is the podcast from the author of 4-hour work week and is great! The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig https://itun.es/ca/dJGFZ.c In terms of productivity books/audiobooks I would suggest the following to start with... The 4 hour work week The compound effect The 80/20 principle None of those ...


The simple answer is: you are are doing fine. Needn't worry. (The longer answer depends on the purpose of your learning: If you are trying to quickly cover some syllabus, then I would recommend your way of doing things. I have done it many times myself. The higher speed actually forces you to pay more attention, and also the quick transition of ideas ...


Yes, but you utilize the video much differently from in-person lecture. Speed fast to skim, as if you are reading ahead, then back up, possibly slower, to watch where the difficult content was. IMO this is the real advantage of video learning.

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