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When dealing with procrastination, which is something I suffered from all the way through school and finally started to help with in college, it was never a matter of being distracted causing me not to do the work, rather I found distractions to help me put the work off. I was in accelerated classes growing up and we had some counselor talks about ...


Anything you can do to better structure your day, will lower your distractability. If this is a chronic problem, you may want to consider getting screened for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). For me, the strategies and treatment for this condition makes big difference in lowering my own distractability.


Things that helped me are: Every time you get off track, note it down, how long for and what you think triggered it. Use this information to plan against future procrastination and to see if you are making progress at beating the problem. Break down large and challenging tasks into smaller parts and use this to track your progress Sandwich tasks you hate ...

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