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I always used to use paper and pencil, with a little pencil mounted torch so I wouldn't wake anyone. After a while you'll find you remember with less effort, and you might end up not even needing to write them down.


Personally I keep index cards, a sketchbook and pen handy on my night stand. However, if you're looking for something more modern then I think a digital voice recorder with usb connectivity would be a good option. Some newer models can even sync up via email to make logging and archiving easier. Because they usually only have a few physical buttons, it ...


Writing method should not matter, the importance should lie in remembering the details before going to write them down. When you wake up you should be thinking "what did I just dream about" rather than "I need to do X to get my thoughts written down". Repetition of what you had just dream about removes some of the volatility, that way you don't lose most ...


Since the limits of dreams are non existing you could try to dream about using an existing problem-solving techique in your dream. Some problem-solving techniques: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) Appreciative Inquiry The Simplex Process The Straw Man Concept

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