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There is a book Memory Pack by Andi Bell where he uses this list of pegwords: 00 — hula hoop 01 — stick or tall tree or a Magic wand 02 — bicycle 03 — comb 04 — car, four tires 05 — starfish or glove 06 — 6-shooter pistol 07 — A Boomerang 08 — octopus or Hour glass 09 — a cat — nine lives 10 — soccer player (Pele wears 10) or a handshake 11 — ...


I searched for "note taking by hand vs computer memory". Of the first three hits there were mixed results: This paper says there was more retention by typing. It's an interesting paper because it examines the differences between notetaking when reading a textbook vs when in a lecture. PBS says paper is better as does this article.

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