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Firstly make sure that the place where you do your work is comfortable and that you can minimize distractions. Not only can distractions prevent you from focusing in the first place but they can also cause interruptions in your flow once you've got going. To do this you can do things like turning off your phone, putting a do not disturb sign on your door, ...


This is a brilliant question and one that nearly everyone puts up to one at one stage of life or the other. It may appear that that your work needs to have a higher purpose than what it currently serves. You mention that it's generating acceptable income for you to sustain but you lose the energy (read motivation) occasionally. The cue that you mention is ...


It was an accident. Simple. It could have been a lot worse. If you'd worked there you might have lost your job. Now that you have to pay for it all to be fixed, you could think of it like you own a little piece of the gym now because you're helping rebuild.


I would suggest that the feeling of tiredness, even if you have slept, and wanting the work to end, are symptoms of a form of anxiety. If you google "mindfulness", you may find some helpful suggestions as to how to deal with this.

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