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As I see it, you have so far avoided your life's mission and evaded thinking about the ultimate goal. These things give you power and inexhaustible enthusiasm, independent on any circumstances. From the question I see that your mission is a BIG one. Everyone has a life mission (And all the facilities to achieve it, but normally you would not see them.) ...


Binaural audio files are just normal compressed audio files, do not really have any hypnotic factors you're looking for. But to make sure my answer is at least a little useful to you, here is https://coffitivity.com/ where you can listen to the white noise background sound of a busy cafe, perhaps it would help you to be more creative.


Something to add to the already very good suggestions: start with the absolute smallest thing you can manage. Make a small commitment. Let's say you have to write a paper, and you really don't want to. The longer you procrastinate and resist, the bigger the job will be in your mind. After a few days of doing nothing, and worrying about how you're doing ...


I used to have the same problem but the quote "Amateurs wait for inspiration, the rest of just get up and go to work" by Stephen King did the trick for me. I used to make excuses of not feeling enough inspired to do the work I liked, having gone through the same situation, I can recommend you the following: Take a day off, and on this day do not ...

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