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Paper choice I've always been fine taking my math notes on squared-paper sheets. In my opinion, working with squares is way better than working with lines; also, working with plain paper would be the best way, but it is difficult to format notes properly without some guidelines. Instead, squared paper allows you to: Draw diagrams, figures, graphs et ...


I've found that works best for me is to carry a pad of lined paper, but write on blank paper that is on top of the lined paper. If the lines are dark enough you can write roughly on the lines when you are able, but can easily ignore the lines whenever you need to write something that doesn't fit.


I like engineering graph paper whenever I need to take notes that include figures, formulae, and diagrams. In particular, 1/10" engineering graph paper, with a heavy line every inch, and a light line ever 1/10 inch. There's enough of a line visible to guide text, and to use when aligning figures and diagrams vertically. A bad habit I had to get over was ...

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