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You can try plain old note 'cards' that you can organize quickly, just by rearranging them. Put one essential quotation, remark, question on each. For the repetitive information How would one keep track of which article the notes are from? just use an always-visible list of references (in you case with references numbered 1-50), maybe with abbreviations for ...


This may sound ancient but how about PowerPoint? I had (I should say still have) the same problem and kept using so many different methods. I tried writing in the columns of printed articles, but that means I would have to print all of them. Tried mind mapping softwares too and others... Here's the way I use PowerPoint: save each article with a number for ...


I had some great suggestions, especially Tabeak's recommendation for Docear, which look great but when I started using it I found it extremely clunky. I opted for a system called TiddlyWiki. It's extremely flexible, customisable and I think it should do everything that I want. It also the most incredible plugin TiddlyMap which provides a mindmap for your ...


I've been a software engineer for 15 years. Being able to program and design systems is all about recognizing patterns. You learn the fundamentals in school and then you apply the same fundamentals to similar problems. So, what you need to do is start to recognize the patterns. You need to think synthetically, stitching together the bits and pieces you learn ...


Try OneNote. You can keep the information in one notebook and easily retrieve information by search. If you are web clipping, it puts a note in as to which web site the link is from.


I would suggest you look at OneNote. It is easy to use, accepts handwriting and is available across all devices. I use it for web clipping, notes, writing, planning, etc, It is like my auxiliary brain. And I can access it from anywhere by smart phone, tablet or computer.


You could try using Docear, a software tool that helps you organize information from PDFs in mindmaps. You can add highlights into PDFs with a PDF reader, and then import the text from the highlighted regions into a Docear mindmap. Then, you can organize the text excerpts in your own way. the nice thing is that you can always go back to the source PDF, so ...


You might be looking for Sortd It makes you organize your Gmail into a Trello type board. I tried for drafts and it works fine too. Overall, it looks promising.


I highly recommend the Bullet journal system for analogical note-taking and TiddlyWiki for digital note-taking. Enjoy!

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