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I have been using Excel sheet for that (it's easy to maintain and swift to work with), with column A as description of repetitive tasks column B named as Period - weekly/monthly/quarter/yearly and column D as weekdays, E as date, F as Quarter no. etc. use short-cuts shift+L for Auto-filter it comes in handy. You can also have a column of priority or ...


Well, I manage them with Microsoft Notepad. (Actually, vi.) It's worked smoothly for a decade. If you insist on something fancier, googling for "to do list" recurring finds half a dozen. (Which half dozen depends on which month you do that search...)


To keep track of my assignments I created a note titled: Unfinished units (or assignments) where I wrote down the subject of that unit and what I needed to complete for the assignment of that unit. Eg: Unfinished Units Process Word Documents - Final Assessment, Skill Builder, Assessment Activities << (I would also highlight the tasks to know ...

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