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What kind of family? If your children/spouse, you should make the time to spend with them. If siblings or parents or cousins of something, you can explain that you'd like to block out X time to do Y. And you'll spend time with them the next night, on the weekend, etc. Or see if you can to them together. Watching TV doesn't have to be alone.


I think there is a Scheduled program which you can set on your computer which will display an alert based on time which you given in Schedule task. Here is a how set a Schedule on windows.


Don't remember it. Remember where you can find it. As long as you have one place you go to for all problems, you won't need to remember it. Ideas on what that "one place" can be: A wiki (good so your whole team can remember together) OneNote A notebook A file folder A text document Anything. It really doesn't matter what the system is so long as there is ...


a good way to take notes in my current class for reviewing when I take the more advanced one or if there was a way to add on to my notes when I start the next class. From this, your goal is to store, retrieve and update information. What you need is a good reference system. If it is too complex, you will, likely, resist using it. If it is too ...


It is really a matter of taste. There are countless way that one can choose to organise her notes. Do a full electronic back-up of your notes. You can take pictures of them or, if you are already taking them in an electronic format, you can set up a well-organised, custom styled document. Based on your skills, you can use Word, LibreOffice or something ...


Key concepts to the Margin: In every page of your notes have your key concepts to the margin Summarize the notes in a page at the bottom of the page: This has a two fold effect - improves recall , makes revision easy Highlight the key concepts in your slides/textbook (but make sure you highlight only after you understand and able to recall) Build a ...


Organizing your notes in visual mindmaps gives you a great way to review them regularly in a fast and easy manner. The combination of text, colors, structure and icons in a mindmap triggers your mind way faster then text only can do. For more information on this and other techniques you can use, have a look at the answers on this question: How to become a ...

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