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I think it depends on the type of key. Yes most can go into a box or on a wall, but a house key, for instance, should not be in the house in the same way the extra car key isn't kept in the car.


Yes, solutions include a box, a drawer or a key board to hang the spares on. You can either label the keys, keyrings or the key board. Be aware that these are commonly known, so thieves know this - many home break-ins now are solely to get keys for cars, bikes etc.


Establishing a specific habit that has been difficult for you is a project in GTD terms. As such it requires some thought into how it can be converted into specific tasks. Some habitual tasks can only be done in a certain context, say, practicing speaking Japanese may require that you not be in a place where you would disturb others and that you have ...


For your habitual task when captured, clarified and organized you will realise that it's not a one time action but a repeatable action, for which you will need to set a repetabel habitual structure for yourself such that the habitual task in consideration is taken care, and it can be reviewed later say during the week review or daily review. Many people, ...

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