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You might want to read Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto. One of the chapters talks about how the process of building a high-rise was, in essence, one giant checklist. An important part of it was exit meetings with key people (not unlike the people you are dealing with your renovation). It helped catch issues before they became costly either in terms ...


I usually don't recommend trello, but in this case, Trello for your Personal Kanban would be awesome. I would make a few columns for your backlog. Things that need to be done | things that are coming up | Things to do today. When possible make the ticket pictures of the way you want that task to look when it is done. That's why trello .... the pictures. ...


Depending on the size of your renovation, Trello or another kanban style board may be ideal for seeing your progress. Trello has an example board for a kitchen remodel you can look over. Color coded labels can help with tracking plumbing, electrician, etc and you can create the lists based off of the statuses.

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